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2 x 15 Inch Frame


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  • 15” SVGA display with auto-rotation landscape and portrait orientation
  • Gift-Ready: Pre-load your Nixplay frame with photos, videos, and a gift message in the app before it’s opened.
  • AI Driven smart-centering to center images and fill the frame.
  • Nixplay app: Add photos and share playlists directly from your smartphone using the Nixplay app, available for iOS and Android.
  • Works with leading photo websites and apps Instantly synchronize photos from Google Photos, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, and Alexa onto your photo frame.

Caractéristiques :

  • Écran SVGA de 15 pouces avec auto-rotation en orientation paysage et portrait.
  • Adapté aux cadeaux : préchargez votre cadre Nixplay avec des photos, des vidéos et un message cadeau dans l'application avant de l'ouvrir.
  • Centrage intelligent guidé par l'IA pour centrer les images et remplir le cadre.
  • Application Nixplay : ajoutez des photos et partagez des listes de lecture directement depuis votre smartphone à l'aide de l'application Nixplay, disponible pour iOS et Android.
  • Fonctionne avec les principaux sites Web et applications de photos. Synchronisez instantanément les photos de Google Photos, Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook et Alexa sur votre cadre photo.
Trusted by over 2.8 million customers, our smart digital picture frame offers simple and easy to use features the whole family will love. Portrait or Landscape our frames can be easily positioned anyway you want, and your content will automatically rotate. AI and proprietary software automatically position people near the center of the frame for the best viewing experience.
  • Free Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage: Create and share playlists the whole family can contribute to using the Nixplay App, even if they don’t own a frame. Send photos and videos directly to any frame you own, or that’s shared with you via the Nixplay iOS or Android Mobile App, Desktop Web App and Email. Import your photos from Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Transfer photos and videos to your Nixplay smart photo frame by using the app, email, or a web browser. No need for memory cards or USB sticks.
  • Energy Efficient Design: Our smart sensor wakes the frame when you're in the room and sleeps the frame when you’re not. Upon waking, your frame will display the most recently received photos/videos and will continue to do so even if the frame gets disconnected from your WiFi.
  • Blur Reduction: We know that if an image is even slightly blurred at wider viewing angles you won’t be happy. Nixplay’s niX-Spectre HD IPS Display is engineered to deliver the widest possible viewing angle, while still maintaining crisp and vibrant color reproduction of your photos and videos.
  • Privacy & Security: Nixplay's cloud storage is located in the USA on secure, CCPA & GDPR compliant, encrypted servers so you can be rest assured that your photos are kept safe and secure.
  • Customer Service: We’re here to help should you have questions about your Nixplay Frame; with over 2.8 million happy customers can be reached through phone, email, or chat.
  • Multi-lingual Support: Nixplay's frame and App interface are available in English, German, French, and Japanese.
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Replacement Warranty Video Duration No. of Shared Playlists Cloud Storage In-app Photo Editing Exclusive Frames Connect Frames Customer Support
From $4.17/month
*Cancel anytime
Lifetime 2 mins. Unlimited Photo - Unlimited
Video - 50GB
Yes Yes Up to 10 Priority Support
Standard Free 2 years 15 sec. 5 Photo - Unlimited
Video - 5GB
--- --- Up to 5 Mon - Fri
12 Months Subscription
$49.99 /yr (billed annually)
(Equivalent to: $4.17 / month)
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  • Model: W15F (view Technical Specifications)
  • 15" SVGA LCD display with 4:3 aspect ratio
  • XGA 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • Cloud Storage: Unlimited Photos | 5GB Videos
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Built-in, Android App, Apple iOS App,
  • Auto rotate (Portrait and Landscape)
  • Microphone Activity Sensor (non-recording)
  • Auto on/off
  • Height: 290mm
  • Width: 366mm
  • Depth: 125mm
  • What’s in the box:
    • Digital Photo Frame with Touch Screen
    • Wall Adaptor with US plug
    • Wall Mounting Screws
    • Wall Mount Guide
    • Quick Start Guide
  • Modèle : W15F (consultez les spécifications techniques)
  • Écran tactile SVGA LCD de 10,1 pouces au format 4:3
  • Résolution d'affichage XGA 1024 x 768
  • Stockage interne : 8 Go
  • Stockage dans le cloud : photos illimitées | vidéos de 5 Go
  • Connectivité : Wi-Fi intégré, application Android, application Apple pour iOS,
Capteurs :
  • Rotation automatique (portrait et paysage)
  • Capteur d'activité du microphone (sans enregistrement)
  • Activation/désactivation automatique.
Dimensions :
  • Hauteur : 290mm
  • Largeur : 366mm
  • Profondeur : 125mm
  • Contenu de la boîte :
    • Cadre photo numérique avec écran tactile
    • Adaptateur mural avec prise américaine
    • Vis de fixation murale
    • Guide de montage mural
    • QGuide de démarrage rapide
Yes. There are 2 ways to get photos/videos on your frame: (1) Any person can email photos to your frame, with no account necessary. (2) Share photos or video clips directly from your phone to the frame. For this, you will need to use the Nixplay mobile app, which requires account creation on the sender's part.
Ultimately, yes. But there are some factors to consider (1) The orientation of the photo or picture/video you took (2) How you physically orient the frame. If you position your frame in portrait or in landscape, the content will adjust to suit your placement. (3) There are several transition settings that you can adjust using your remote or mobile app, to give you the best viewing options, taking (1) and (2) into account. Make sense?
No. Nixplay frames display content via the cloud over wi-fi. We do make NIX photo frames, which take USB and SD cards. See
The frame needs to be connected to power to operate. It does not use batteries.

Nixplay Frames are smart frames, so your content must be stored in the cloud for your frame to display content (i.e. there is no USB or SD-card slot from which you can load content onto your frame. The only way is via the cloud).

The frames do have internal storage that (1) hold the on-frame software and (2) store recent photos/video clips that in the instance when a wi-fi connection is temporarily lost, the frame will still display recent images.

Still need help? Visit our Help Center or email us at
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