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30-day money back guarantee
30-day money back guarantee

Purchase with peace of mind

Deliver to multiple addresses
Deliver to multiple addresses

Buying for others? Send directly to your address book

One year warranty
One year warranty

We’re just a phone call or email away

Share video clips, photos from anywhere

Share 15-second video clips and photos (with captions) directly from your phone to the frame. Makes a perfect gift for families separated by distance.

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Share photos and video clips to the frame, with full remote control.

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Nixplay works with:

Google Photos
Amazon Alexa
Apple Mail

Choose your frame

Choose from a selection of smart photo frames that fit perfectly, anywhere. Browse multiple sizes and finishes.

Nixplay 10.1-inch
Smart Photo
Frame (Wood Effect) $259.99
Nixplay 9.7-inch
2K Smart Photo
Frame (Gold) $399.99
Nixplay 13.3-inch
Smart Photo Frame $299.99
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