How does it work?

Nixplay App
Nixplay App
Upload your photos 
to the app
Upload your photos
to the app
Invite family to join 
playlists with
Invite family and
friends to join playlists
with nix-FamilyCircles
Send new photos 
and videos straight to 
their frames
Surprise them by
sending new photos
and videos straight
to their frame
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  • Nixplay Mobile App

    The Nixplay Mobile App is available on IOS and Google Playstore. Integration with Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram also supported through the Nixplay website.

  • niX-Family Circles

    Allows you to invite family and friends to contribute to their photos/videos to a shared playlist (which you control) to be displayed on a frame.

  • niX-Spectre Display

    Engineered to deliver the widest possible viewing angle, while still maintaining crisp and vibrant color reproduction of your photos and videos.

  • niX-Smart Face Framing

    When activated, our frame's proprietary A.I. automatically position people nearer the centre of the frame for the best viewing experience.

  • Private, secure, USA-based servers

    Create a photo-sharing network for your family that's private, secure, and GDPR and CCPA-compliant. Your data is both encrypted and stored in the USA. Upload and share with peace of mind.

  • niX-Sense Me

    A smart sensor that wakes the frame when you're in the room and sleeps the frame when you’re not.

  • Versatile placement

    Adjustable stand allows multiple viewing angles. The frames can also be wall mounted by removing the back cover. If you position your frame in portrait or in landscape, the content will auto adjust to suit your placement.

  • We are here to help

    Great customer support is the foundation upon which our company is built. Our service team are on hand to help.

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Unlock even more benefits when you join

Nixplay Plus

This is how we Nixplay!

Chris created an internal, private, social network just for his family.

Even at 2 years old, Kate always recognises her military Daddy!

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