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Seen on a mantlepiece near you

Choose from a selection of smart photo frames that fit perfectly, anywhere. Browse multiple sizes and finishes.

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Nixplay 10.1-inch Touch Screen Smart Photo Frame
Nixplay 10.1-inch
Touch Screen
Smart Photo Frame (Black) $259.99
Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Photo Frame
Nixplay 10.1-inch
Smart Photo
Frame (White) $259.99
Nixplay 9.7-inch 2K Smart Photo Frame
Nixplay 9.7-inch
2K Smart Photo
Frame (Silver) $399.99
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No ordinary photo frame

Every detail crafted to perfection. Quality that is second to none.

America’s largest digital frame platform

With +2.2 million happy customers displaying more than 1.3 billion photos daily

Fits perfectly. Anywhere.

Place in portrait or landscape. Wall mounted or free standing.

4.6 ave. rating26.5k ratings
4.5 ave. rating3.1k ratings
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4.2 ave. rating2k ratings
4.5 ave. rating 2.8k reviews

Smart frames for sustainable forests

With every purchase of a Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, a donation of tree seeds is made to farming families in Sub-Saharan African, via our partners Trees for the Future.

Smart frames for sustainable forests.


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30-day money back guarantee
30-day money back guarantee

Purchase with peace of mind

One year warranty
One year warranty

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