The safest way to easily share moments

Stay connected, privately, with your friends and family. Wherever they may be.
The Nixplay Mobile App gives you hassle-free frame control,
photo and video curation, friends management and more.

Pair Your Frame

Use the Nixplay app to pair your frame
quickly and easily, straight out of the box.
When your phone and frame are on
the same wi-fi network, pairing is a cinch.

Control Your Frame

Remotely control all frame features
from the Nixplay app. The app home screen
gives you a view of what’s being shown on the
Nixplay frame (as well as the frame’s
orientation), putting playlist and frame control
perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Curate Your Moments

Create playlists of up to 2,000 photos and
share these directly from your phone
to the frame. Video playback (now supported
on Android and iOS) supports playback
of 15 second stories with audio control.

Se connecter à
Google Photos

L'application mobile Nixplay fonctionne avec Google Photos
pour que vos albums Google soient automatiquement
mise à jour de votre cadre Nixplay. Une simple
l'autorisation est tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour garder
mise à jour des listes de lecture de votre cadre.

Share with Friends

Grow your private network. Share individual
photo and video moments (or entire playlists)
to your friend's Nixplay frame or invite them to
share to yours. The Nixplay App is all that is

… from families who build for families

We have a team of engineers working
full-time to make your sharing experience
the best it can possibly be. We’re families
building for families. And we’re not
finished yet! Expect more improvements
– all the time. .

Nixplay Works with

* Google Photos can be managed via the Nixplay Mobile App. Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook and Flickr can be managed online after logging into

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